There are currently no home-care services for terminally ill children in the Bucharest area

Can you imagine being sent home from hospital with your terminally ill child and left to fend for yourself? Trying to figure out medication, medical equipment, appointments, pain management. It’s unimaginable to us here in the UK. This is a situation that faces many parents in the Bucharest area, and something we want to change. And so, we have big ambitions to establish a new home-care service, specifically for children, in and around Bucharest, Romania that will complement our new Children’s Centre at Adunatii Copaceni.

Can you help bring hope to children in Romania this Easter?

This Easter we are launching our Easter of Hope Appeal to raise funds for vital home-care services specifically for children in and around Romania’s capital, Bucharest. This service will provide vital care for the children from medical care to physiotherapy, education, and social support, easing the burden on their families. We need to raise £115,000 to set up this team and provide specialised palliative care to children for one year.

It might seem like a large sum of money, but this will cover:

  • 1 Doctor
  • 2 Nurses
  • 1 Psychologist (part-time)
  • 1 Educational Psychologist (part-time)
  • 1 Social Worker (part-time)
  • 1 Physiotherapist (part-time)
  • 1 Medical Secretary (part-time)
  • As well as all the medical supplies, educational supplies, administration, transport, and associated costs.

Your donations really do go a long way in Romania.

Meet 16 year old Daria

Daria is a patient at our Hospice in Brasov, Romania. When Daria was just 3 years old she was diagnosed  with brain tumour. After gruelling surgery, Daria started attending the hospice for physiotherapy sessions,  and on her school holidays she was taking part on our activities at Bagpuss day centre.

4 years ago, aged just 12, Daria contracted a severe virus, requiring oxygen ventilation. Doctors feared the  worst, but her mother kept believing in a miracle and continued to pray for her daughter. After a long period  in hospital, Daria pulled through, however, with many complications. Daria was left unable to eat and is fed  through a nasal gastrointestinal tract and has a tracheostoma to enable her to breathe.

With the help of our Hospice mobile team Daria’s mother was able to learn how to look after her daughter. At  least once a month a Hospice nurse visits Daria, and our physiotherapist is supporting Daria with exercises  to help her walk again.

Daria is now unable to attend school, however, her mother has encouraged her to continue her studies from  home and Daria is now in her first year of high school studying art and architecture. She loves being able to  study online and is happy to see her classmates. 

Teodora, our nurse from Hospice in Brasov, has been on the whole journey with Daria and her family. She wished Daria to have a school photo like all other children, so arranged for volunteers to help Daria with her hair and make up, and a professional photo session was held. Daria has unforgettable memories. You can see from the photo, what an incredibly strong and happy young lady Daria is today, with the help of our Hospice team.

Daria’s story is sadly not uncommon, and it for this reason that we passionate believe a homecare team is desperately needed in Bucharest.


If you would like to donate to our Easter of Hope campaign, you can donate securely online below. We are incredibly grateful for any amount you can give, and rest assured your donation will go directly to this project.

Your donations really do go a long way in Romania.

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Our founder, Graham Perolls, explains the situation in Bucharest

Thank you for your continued support. Together we can truly make a difference and bring hope to children and their families in Romania this Easter.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all over the Easter period.