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What your donations can do:

Donating to Hospices of Hope helps to provide vital care to many of our patients who are suffering from life-limiting or terminal illnesses. If you're struggling to suggest a donation amount to your friends and family members, take a look at what your money can do!

How it works:

Donating your special day to Hospices of Hope is easy! It can be broken down into three simple steps: Create, Share and Raise!

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Create your 'Donate My Special Day' page:

Still confused about how to 'Donate my special day'? Make sure to read more about the process here:

  • Choose your special day – It could be your birthday, an anniversary or any other special celebration!
  • Create your 'Donate My Special Day' page - Be sure to add as much information as possible, as this will be YOUR page 
  • Promote your page - Near the date of your Special Day circulate the link to your page to your friends and family and ask that they donate to Hospices of Hope.
  • Enjoy your day - Make sure to send us photos and videos of your celebrations!

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Our monthly ambassadors

What month are you hosting your event? Why not find out who your monthly ambassador is! Each month has been paired with one of our patients, so why not tie your event with your ambassador! 

To find out your month's ambassador, click the month in which your event will take place. This will provide you with information about this month, major achievements we have made and your own monthly ambassador!

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