This is my granddaughter, Miruna.

She is only 14 but has faced so many challenges. She suffers from a bone disease called osteochondrodysplasia which means she has problems with her legs and spine.

She has had 20 operations in her short life. After one operation she had to spend almost a year in bed. We were told that she would never be able to walk but I will always the remember the Christmas morning when she was 5 and she managed to walk across a room. It was our Christmas miracle. But getting around is very difficult and she has to wear heavy braces on her legs.

Hospices of Hope has helped Miruna so much. Because of her illness people can be cruel to her but at the Hospice she is accepted and loved. She says when she is there she can be herself and has made so many friends. The Hospice helps her recover from her operations. The staff in the in-patient unit and the day centre are so kind to her. I tell her she must work hard at her studies and the Hospice School means she can keep up with her school work. Miruna loves the Hospice’s summer trips and this year’s trip was really special for both of us. I saw Miruna dance.

She has never danced before and seeing her dancing and smiling with the other children was a moment I will never forget. I am getting older and I worry about Miruna’s future. Her parents cannot look after her so I am anxious about what will happen to her when I can longer cope. But it is a great comfort to know that the Hospice is there and I am so grateful to everyone at Hospice for the way they love and care for my beautiful grandchild.

On behalf of Miruna and our other patients thank you for your support