Our 30th Anniversary Appeal Let's do 30 for £30 is supporting our home care teams.

The home care teams are often the only support available to patients and their families in very difficult times.

Our home care services are essential because:-

  • Many patients cannot access any other form of care. This can be because they are too sick to travel, cannot afford the transport costs, or simply that there are no other services available
  • People who are seriously ill can be cared for and supported in the familiar surroundings of their own home
  • The teams are multi-disciplinary and all deal with the physical aspects of a patient's illness. Whilst teams vary, home care services can also include emotional, psychological and spiritual guidance and help with practical issues such as social welfare claims.    

Did you know?

  • Home care services are provided from twelve different locations across the Hospices of Hope Network 
  • A recent report published in Romania recommended that there should be 490 home care teams in Romania - there are currently only nine. Seven of those are run by our sister organisation, Hospice Casa Sperantei
  • In 2017, the home care teams in Romania made 17,888 home care visits and the BELhospice team in Serbia made 1,600 home care visits 
  • All home care services are free of charge

Cornelia in the Brasov Hospice

By supporting our 30 for £30 Appeal you will be helping our home care teams care for patients such as Cornelia 

Cornelia is nine and is looked after by the paediatric team in the Brasov Hospice in Romania.

Cornelia has giant hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) and has undergone many operations in her short life. 

She has three brothers and two sisters.  The family is really poor. Their home is very remote and has two small rooms with no door but just a curtain to protect them from the elements. There is no running water and the family of seven share a sofa bed. 

Cornelia often spends time in the in-patient unit in the Bagpuss Children's Unit and when she is well enough she enjoys activities in the day centre at the hospice. 

But she is also monitored by the home care team and the family receive support from the hospice's social support worker, Gabi. She regularly visits the family and helps with benefit claims and takes them food parcels, clothing and toys for the children.  During the coronavirus crisis, Gabi has been working with the authorities to find better housing for the family. 

Cornelia loves Gabi and does not let go of her when she visits. 

Cornelia's family home  

Your money goes further 

£30 could pay for two home care visits in Albania or Moldova

£60 could pay for one child's medication for a month

£90 could pay for three home care visits in Romania

£300 could pay for a spiritual co-ordinator in Romania for a week

£900 could pay for a doctor's salary for a month in Serbia

Home care in Moldova

Country Manager, Raluca Muntean, explains why home care services are so important to patients in Moldova  

"The only mobile palliative care teams in Moldova are teams supported by Hospices of Hope.  

Providing care at home is so important for patients and their families. The patients spend their last days in familiar surroundings, with their families and friends which is far less stressful for them.

Many are too weak after chemotherapy to travel to see a doctor or go to the chemist. Patient transport is not available and travel is often too expensive. In some regions such as Taraclia, which is a Russian speaking part of the country, the villages are very remote and access to services is very difficult. The only real option is for the teams to go to the patients. 

From the home care team’s point of view, home visits lead to a far closer relationship with the patient which helps us to understand their needs – physical, psychological and practical. There is continuity of care. 

As well as providing hospice services the teams give patients medical supplies such as stoma equipment which comes from Hospices of Hope, hygiene products and second hand shoes and clothing.

In between visits support is available to patients and their families by phone. 

Many of our patients would not have any medical care without our home visits."

Since we started our national support network for hospice organisations in Moldova, the number of patients has significantly increased and there are now sustainable hospice services in the north, north-east, centre and south of Moldova. 

 Thank you for supporting 30 for £30 and bringing hope through home care.

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