Training & Education

Before HOSPICE Casa Sperantei began in Brasov in 1992, there was no concept of hospice or palliative care in Romania. Hospices of Hope changed that.

Twenty-two years later, Hospice Casa Sperantei is now a Centre of Excellence and is described as a ‘Beacon of Hope’ for all of south-eastern Europe.

Still the majority of patients, adults and children, who suffer with a terminal illness do not have the type of care they really need. Hospices of Hope want to see this concept of care extended throughout Romania and also in the surrounding countries where hospice care services are minimal or even non-existent.

As well as providing hospice care to those who so desperately need it, training and education is key to ensuring this provision of specialist services is extended throughout Romania and South-Eastern Europe.

The Princess Diana Education Centre was opened in 1997 to provide hospice resources and training courses to medical and social care professionals from all over South-Eastern Europe. Click here to visit the Education Centre website.

Over the years…

During the past twenty-two years, more than 14,000 medical professionals have attended courses at our centres.