BELhospice, Serbia

BELhospice was founded in 2004 by a team led by Dr. Natasa Milicevic, previously an oncologist in Serbia’s capital, Belgrade, for 25 years. It is supported by Hospices of Hope and is part of the ‘Beacon Project’ providing hospice care in south-eastern Europe. BELhospice works with patients suffering from advanced malignant disease by providing holistic care to patients and their families along with specialist medical advice on pain relief and symptom control, nursing care, emotional and spiritual support. Based out of a small office and training suite in Belgrade, BELhospice provide care to patients both in their own homes and also in the city’s hospitals. They also run courses for doctors and nurses in palliative care. Click here to visit the BELhospice website.

Prue Dufour Education Centre, Belgrade

Opened in October 2006, the Education Centre was named after Prue Dufour, a pioneer of palliative care in Great Britain, who had compassion for terminally ill patients in Eastern Europe and understood their needs and the importance of pioneering palliative care in Serbia, which didn’t exist at all. Following her recent death, a London Trust donated a large gift in her memory to support the BELhospice centre in Serbia. The courses this centre offers are designed for professionals in medical and social services, as well as for volunteers, to enable them to apply what they learn on a daily basis at their place of work. The Education Centre is equipping and training professionals from all over Serbia in hospice care.

The team from BelHospice