Hospices of Hope is the leading palliative care charity in South East Europe. We believe everyone deserves the best possible care at the end of life. But in developing countries like Romania, Serbia or Moldova, many patients still die in pain without being offered any physical, spiritual or emotional comfort.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of the terminally ill in South East Europe and we cannot do this without the help of our generous supporters, which is why we value your trust so highly. It’s also why, when you make the decision to support us, we make this promise to you:

  • We will never sell your contact details to anyone outside of Hospices of Hope.
  • We will only contact you if you have expressed an interest in our work.
  • If we phone you, we will always check you are happy to take the call.
  • If you ask us to change how we communicate with you, or stop, we will respect that.
  • We do not engage in cold-calling or door to door fundraising.
  • We try hard to ensure no one ever feels pressurised to support our work.
  • All our activities are open, fair, honest and legal.

If you have any questions or wish to change how we communicate with you, please email office@hospicesofhope.co.uk or call us on 01959 525110.

Thank you to all our donors for continuing to support the terminally ill child and adult patients in South East Europe.