“I am pleased to inform you that a group of volunteers from the ex-pat community here in Bucharest have joined together for a Meals Initiative to support Casa Sperantei’s work. We are a group of 25 volunteers each of whom specially prepare 3 large family sized one-pot meals each month. Dishes such as lasagne, cottage pie, lentil bolognese, chilli con carne, and chicken or beef casserole are examples of the meals that are prepared. The meals are then frozen and taken by volunteers to one of 3 drop off points in Bucharest. They are then collected and delivered to the hospice and stored in a large freezer there. The meals can then be distributed to the families of outpatients of the Hospice, or to families of in-patients to take home after a visit. These meals are designed to help families in crisis who are really in need of the nutritional support of a balanced meal and the emotional support of having a meal prepared for them by someone else. Our first food drop of 75 trays of food (each to feed 6 people) was in January, and we plan to make a similar drop each month at the hospice. The feedback so far is that volunteers are really enjoying the opportunity to make a donation of a personal nature, from their kitchen to the kitchen of a family in need.”
Rowena Gerber
Expat in Bucharest
“On behalf of Hospice Casa Sperantei, I would like to say a special thanks to Rowena for helping organise this project and to those who funded the freezer and the foil trays each month. Our patients and their families are very thankful for these meals and are very excited by this new initiative.”
Gina Vlasceanu
Social Worker, Hospice Casa Sperantei